Quality, convenience, speed, transparency, independence and integrated information based on the fixed-income market.

About us

VALUE was created to contribute with tools to evaluate the pricing and risks involving fixed income financial instruments, such as:

·Complex payment rules;
·Optionality; and
·Different indexation and currencies.

We are independent from financial institutions and we have a deep knowledge of fixed income, sophisticated finance models, financial data and information technology.


·We help our clients understand the diverse and complex types of fixed-income securities that are traded in the Brazilian market.

·We offer independent fundamentals and prices to contribute to better managing and evaluating fixed-income products.

·We target our products at Asset Managers, Auditors, Banks, Financial Advisors, Brokers, Non-Financial Companies, Family Offices, Pension Funds, Private Equity Firms, RPPS and Insurers.


· Flexible and efficient access to historical and real-time fixed-income data.
· Exclusive analytical tools and news that enable a rapid bond and portfolio pricing, compliance, liquidity assessment, business strategies and market making.
· Price tunnels based on liquidity and risk models to facilitate trading.
· Sophisticated models to assess the optionality of diverse securities.
· Access to real-time prices and curves (5-minute lag) that reflect immediate market moves.

· Transparent data produced by evaluating the inputs and models used. The models and inputs used are documented.
· EOD benchmark prices may be challenged prior to final publication using our price challenge process.
Exclusive liquidity measurement tool based on various indicators.
· Data feeder for internal use and web applications
· Access to data through a web platform, FTP or partners.
· Dedicated support by experts in methodology and data used.
· Valuation of securities portfolios based on the security’s curve.


Calculator for government bonds, debentures, CRIs (Mortgage-backed Securities) and CRAs (Certificates of Agribusiness Receivables);

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