Any and all persons or entities wishing to use VALUE CALCULATOR services must agree to and comply with the Terms and Conditions for the Use of the CALCULATOR. This agreement is for the use of VALUE applications available on the Internet through its website.

1. The information, data and applications made available by VALUE should not be used as a recommendation to buy or sell shares or securities at any time. They are tools for studying, analyzing and monitoring shares and securities based on data and information published and disclosed by the relevant agencies. The available content does not consist of financial, legal, tax, accounting or any other recommendations.

2. At its sole discretion and at any time, VALUE may change the format and layout of information, and interrupt or cancel any services, products, functions, features or applications available on the website.

3. VALUE may, at any time at its sole discretion, charge for the total or partial access to the website and the CALCULATOR service.

4. VALUE will make its best efforts to keep the data and indicators available in the application modules, which will be updated as long as the data are disclosed by the relevant agencies. Should the agencies and institutions responsible for such disclosure fail to disclose the required data, VALUE will not be liable for the update. 

5. The USER agrees to use the modules and applications through his/her e-mail address, and will be responsible for any misuse thereof. 

6. The USER acknowledges and authorizes the use of his/her access information in the CALCULATOR. 

7. The USER must have an internet connection to access the www.value.com.br website, where he/she will use the modules and applications under this agreement. 

8. The USER will hold VALUE harmless from any and all liabilities for the misuse of available information or for violations of the rules in force in the country as a result of acts or omissions by the USER. 

9. No ownership rights are transferred under this Agreement to the USER. The USER may not, under any circumstances, resell or assign, in any way, the information available in the modules purchased by the USER.  

10. The USER must use the data and information for personal purposes only, and the USER is forbidden to disclose information to third parties, inform third parties of his/her personal password, use VALUE’s trademark, logo and corporate name, or resell information or data disclosed by the CALCULATOR.

11. Misuse of the functions defined herein that characterize commercial use of the services may lead VALUE to lock USER access if misuse of the access password is detected. 

12. Access to the system is controlled through a personal, non-transferable e-mail address. It is the USER’s responsibility to keep his/her access data confidential. VALUE will consider the information provided by the logged USER to be true, and will hold the logged USER responsible for any registrations associated thereto.